Raex® News 4.2019
Excellent surface appearance of Raex® products for high appeal, form and function
Good surface quality is important when thinking about a product’s appearance in its end applications. For Raex®, this means using state-of-the-art techniques both during rolling and in subsequent processes. A good surface quality offers benefits not only in terms of appearance and appeal, but better cutting and bending properties.
Mill scale, delivery condition
A smooth and even surface quality means a defect-free surface, and for end users less preparation is needed before painting. For workshops, the recommended delivery condition is with mill scale because it brings advantages like better laser-cutting properties. Even if laser cutting is possible for every delivery condition, fabricators can achieve the best cut-edge quality with mill scale.
A mill scale surface is also better when thinking about bendability of Raex® plates. Bending recommendations for RAEX® products are based on tests without blasted surfaces, which means that excessive blast cleaning before bending can have a negative effect on bendability. If the product is shot blasted, we recommend that this is taken into account when planning bending inner radiuses.
Top-class surface quality has a big impact on cost efficiency throughout the chain. A smooth and dent-free surface may be used as is and less preparation work is needed before painting. Customers who choose mill scale as the delivery condition also gain benefits regarding cutting and bending. For more detailed information about surface quality, you can read the workshop property brochures at raexsteel.com .
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